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Storm Lake, IA residents that buy your new 90 Plus Ruud Furnace from Wiese Plumbing & Heating, Inc. will receive a $350 rebate from Alliant Energy.  This rebate is valid thru 12-31-03 to all Storm Lake residents that are current Alliant Energy customers.  This rebate does not apply to those residents outside of Storm Lake.  




Indoor Air Quality is the quality and level of contaminants in the air in your home or place of work.  High levels of air pollutants may cause sore throats, headaches, increased allergies, and fatigue.  Indoor Air Quality is something that YOU can do something about.  Studies show that a growing number of homes can be more polluted than outside air even in the most industrialized locations.  Indoor air pollutants can be found in damp, unexcavated crawlspaces or basements, old carpet,  old heat and return air ducts, asbestos insulation commonly found on old pipes, boilers, and furnaces.  Household cleaners, dirty humidifiers, and air filters can also contaminate the air in your home.  

Changing your furnace filter regularly will generally not help with your indoor air quality.  A regular disposable paper furnace filter only traps 7% of all dust and contaminants traveling thru your duct system.  By installing a Dust-Free filter you can trap up to 80% of all dust and pollutants in your duct system.  We also offers an Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC).  An EAC is a filter system that has an electrostatic charge that actually kills 99% of the dust particles that flow thru you duct system.  Each EAC has 4 washable, stainless steel filters.  Another option is to replace the return air ducts that are filled with layers of dust and dirt.  With people spending up to 80% of there time at home indoor air quality is very important.  To learn more on indoor air quality. . . CLICK HERE     



Not sure exactly what the big benefit is with a Ruud high efficiency gas furnace?  By the time you read this paragraph you will understand.  All furnaces made before the mid to late 1980's were designed to heat with little or no efficiency.  Most old furnaces were very basic, they had a heat exchanger,  blower motor,  gas valve, hi-limit control, and a relay to the thermostat.  They would heat up and the 500 degree exhaust off the heat exchanger went straight out the roof thru the chimney.  Little did most people know that out the chimney went close to 40% of the heat the furnace made.  Most old furnaces are somewhere in the range of 60-65% efficient, meaning you are losing 35-40% of your heat.  If you have an old furnace that is a lot of money you are wasting, especially with the increased rate for natural and propane gas.  Now here's how the Ruud high efficiency furnace works.  The biggest thing is a high efficiency furnace has a secondary heat exchanger.  This secondary heat exchanger captures the heat off the primary heat exchanger.  This is the heat that use to go out the chimney, it is now being saved and reused to help heat your home.  With the help of a combustion fan the temp of exhaust is brought down to 100-120 degrees.  By using this secondary heat exchanger you can use up to 93% of the heat your furnace produces.  That is considerably better than the 60-65% you would achieve with an old furnace.  The Ruud high efficiency furnaces also contain many safety devices to insure the comfort and safety of you  and your family.  The Ruud 90+ furnace features an integrated furnace control, this is the "brains" of the furnace.  It controls the operation of the furnace, and makes sure that everything is running properly.  To learn more about Ruud 90+ Furnaces click here or call us today!      



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